8 Symptoms and Signs of Kidney Stones You Should be Aware of

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The most important organs for our body are the kidneys because they flush out everything unnecessary like toxins, waste and water out of blood through the urine. The urine has its own path, into the bladder and out of the reproductive organs.

Stones and crystals in kidneys are made through the undissolved toxins. The body is able to eliminate the small ones, but larger stay inside.

That is why, while remaining in the body they cause many difficulties and diseases, not allowing the function of urethra. By blocking the ureter (tube which connects the bladder and the kidneys) with kidney stone, people can experience enormous pains.

Here are eight symptoms of kidney stones that you should bare in mind:


As for kidney stones, the person can have many usual infections like fever, painful urination and many other urinary infections.

Unpleasant and discolored odor or cloudy urine:

When it comes to urinary tract problems, more specifically with people aged between 20 to 40, there could be change in urine’s color as well as very extensive odor can be released. This can appear as a result of the toxins and chemicals in the body. The kidneys can change the shape and size as well.

Pain record:

If you have enormous pains and you notice they are frequent, check for them. These pains are more noticeable at the mornings since during the day the process of urination is constant.

Kidney pain:

The person suffers from sudden and severe abdominal pain when the kidney stones get stuck inside kidney. These pains can grow gradually as time passes by. Also, kidney stones can provoke back pain and pain in genitals or groin.

Blood in the urine:

If you see blood in your urine that is the most typical sign for pain in the abdomen. This is explained with the rubbing of the stone and ureter and the result is pink or red urine.

Renal colic:

This pain goes away and returns back, and you will feel sickness and sweating as well.

Frequent and painful urination:

If you have feeling as if you need to urinate all the time and it is caused together with pain, it is the most common sign of kidney stone. The frequent urination can cause dehydration to your body.

Vomiting and nausea:

The only remaining way to eliminate toxins from your body is by vomiting because of the dysfunction of the kidneys.

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